Marco Rodolfo Crillissi

Marco Rodolfo Crillissi, was born in Sardegna in 1953.

His multicultural family atmosphere encouraged him to discover the world out of the Island at a very early age. Marco got his first camera Yashica format 24x36 when he was 16 years old and he started to take his first images during his trips in different countries with his family. While he was studying at the University he read about different cultures and ways of life wich will be shown in his images at a letter stage in his art. On behalf of the Italian Ministry of Culture he organised several cultural, ethnografical and ethnical studies while he was creating his personal archive of 20.000 images. The artist has produced several exhibitions, has won several prizes in national and international magazines. Many of the images have been used for academic thesis and he is still teaching the art of photography to master degree students.

Many images is present in web site PORTOFOLIO

crilissi marco
Isola di Tavolara (SS) Maschere Merdules e Boes Ottana Carnevale
Bambini in costume tradizionale Oliena